ARC 251 - SPRING 2018

MAPA Architects is an Architecture and Fabrication Design Firm based out of both Brazil and Uruguay. Initially, Studioparalelo and Maam Architects were created in the early 2000’s. As the two studios began sharing works and competitions as well as expositions and conferences, they started to blend with each other. After five years working together, both studios merged into one, binational firm. With hubs in both Porto Alegre, Brazil, and Montevideo, Uruguay, a broad South American network was created. With this integrated, two location structure, it allows for the culmination of diverse ideas and cultural preferences to culminate in their designs. MAPA Architects explores the limits of non-conventional production and assembly formats. The studio was originally established from both professional and academic fields, which both create and shape their works. Modeled in Sketchup, Rendered in VRay, and represented through AutoCad and Illustrator, this House Case Study illustrates the House's overall purpose and inention.



Much of MAPA’s work is residential, small sized homes, with simple geometries yet sophisticated spatial qualities and material usage. XAN House is a single-family residence located in Xangrilá, Brazil. With a long rectangular form, this summer house is a space derived on freedom, and a place to enjoy nature, both indoors and outdoors. A clear distinction is made between the lower and upper floors. Social life exists on the ground floor, with large spaces and minimum divisions, it stays integrated with the surrounding environment. Private life belongs to the upper floor, staying compartmentalized, separated and isolated. 


The treatment of materials and ground conditions accentuates the desired use of each floor as well. The same glazed paving is used on the interior and exterior of the ground floor, further connecting the two spaces and blurring the boundaries between the natural and the built while expanding the limits of the social area. In contrast, a continuous filter-like screen wraps the upper level in order to provide comfort and privacy. Windows in the screen are able to be opened and closed, leaving an adaptable structural screen which enhances private moments, and focuses spaces inwards. Through the use of these materials in a sophisticated sensibility, XAN House creates a play between the social and the private, all directly related to the experience of the natural environments surrounding.